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Welcome to Colstrup Sod Farm - The premier sod farm and erosion control company southern MN property owners rely on.

If you're in Hollandale, Minnesota or surrounding areas, and are looking for the trusted name in sod growing and installation, turf management, and all your lawn care needs!

Colstrup Sod Farm is a family owned, service oriented company dedicated to providing top quality, reliable services that focus on soil erosion control, sod sales, sod installation, hydroseeding, and other related services. Here at Colstrup Sod Farm, we take pride in top quality products we offer and the highly reliable services we deliver.

With over 30 years of tried, tested, and proven excellence in the Minnesota residential and commercial sod installation and sales business, we have built a solid reputation as the premier source of high-quality erosion control blankets, sod sales, and sod installation commercial, residential, and industrial clients turn to for all their sodding and erosion control needs. 

Here at Colstrup Sod Farm, we help our customers stay ahead of the weather, anticipating weather changes and taking the necessary steps to ensure that each client is well prepared for new seasons and events.

As the trusted sod farm and erosion control company MN folks rely on, we make sure to deliver top quality products and services every time. We use state of the art equipment combined with tried and tested practices to maximize efficiency, quality, and reliability of our services. When you come to us here at Colstrup Sod Farm, you can be sure you're getting the best value for your money, with all your erosion control and sodding needs delivered by seasoned industry experts you can count on.

To find out more about Colstrup Sod Farm's exceptional products and services, please give us a call at (507) 383-3610 or email us at Tim@colstrupsod.com today!
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