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Sod Installation by Proven Landscapers

Transform your yard with sod installation and lawn services from Colstrup Sod Farm. We can take your drab lawn and turn it into an eye-catcher for both visitors and passersby. We’ll provide the expert lawn services you need for a seamless sod installation. We only grow Kentucky Blue Grass sod, which is designed for our Northern environment and climate.

How to Plan for your Sod Order

    Our sod rolls are 2 ft x 5 ft and cover 10 square ft. 

    To measure your area, multiply length x width and divide by 10. This will determine how many rolls are needed.

    Sod rolls weigh between 25 and 30 lbs each and our pallets are 4 ft by 4 ft.

    Make sure you have proper straps or tarp to secure your load when picking up at our sod farm.

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    Transform the Look of Your Lawn

    • At Colstrup Sod, we deliver straight from the field for sod installation, giving you the freshest possible product and producing the look you want in no time.
    • Decrease your irrigation needs by entrusting us with sod installation. Our experienced staff will lay the foundation for a lawn that requires fewer waterings throughout the season.
    • Prevent soil erosion with our professionally installed sod. Your soil will be protected from natural elements like wind and rain that routinely cause erosion over time.
    • Know that you’re working with a team of proven landscapers. Our 30-plus years of experience means your newly sodded lawn will have the look of a professionally completed job.
    • Complete the look of your home with lush, even sod installation. When your lawn is professionally sodded, you’ll reduce the bare spots or needs for reseeding.

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